Energy audit

The political aims to significantly reduce the energy consumption. In this same framework the TCE develops its activity. It helps you to:
- Detect failures in the use of energy
- Choose adequate materials
- Optimize the use of energy

Calculation and numerical simulation

Numerical simulation enables the study of complex industrial systems and natural phenomena for which the experimental study is expensive or dangerous or even impossible. This numerical simulation is fast and helps the advancement of energy projects. The TCE offers you the opportunity of make calculations and numerical simulations of energy processes to optimize your industrial projects or research.

Feasibility study of projects

The TCE ensures a feasibility study of your energy projects: analyze the technical feasibility of the project, assess its risk and the critical conditions that surround it, measure its impact on the organization and the environment.

Planning and design in the field of renewable energies

The TCE accompanies you since the first feasibility studies up your projects installations.

Technical assistance

Technical assistance ensures an efficient service for identifying failures and solving your problems. The TCE becomes your interlocutor for all technical issues or problems.

Tele-survey of your installations

Through acquisition systems installed on your sites, we collect a set of measures in order to:
- Ensure the remote control of the performance of your energy facilities (energy balances)
-. Inform you instantly of all failures or malfunction of facilities

Organization of conferences

You are a research laboratory, an institution operating in the field of energy and you want to organize a scientific congresses the TCE accompany you when the broadcast until the organization of your events.

Training in the energy sector

-You want to improve your knowledge in the field of energy?
-You want to update the skills of your staff?
-You want to open you new horizons? The TCE offers training adapted to your needs in the energy sector..

Metrology in the field of energy

The TCE offers you the possibility to perform measurements of the energy quantities and thermo-physical materials characteristics (thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, heat emissivity...).

The Technologies Centre of energy (TCE) is a private engineering and research establishment in the field of energy. The TCE offers practices and advanced technologies for energy efficiency and clean energy development

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